The salami factory in Casabona is a family firm located in Crotone’s hinterland, who was able to learn the ancient technique of processing meats, the typical local products.

The sausage factory of Casabona is also called “SANTA BARBARA”, as the country where our swines are reared is called. In fact, the production process begins with the purchase of swines carefully bread in our campaigns and fed only with barley, corn and wheat.

Competence, experience and love are customary in our work.

The processing of our products is performed in the traditional way, first selecting the better meats, then tying the products, and finally making the drying process, which takes place in a natural way and is helped by the mild temperature that characterizes our region. We produce sausages without preservatives or colorants: cured meats are salely made up of salt, local pepper sauce and sun-dried wild fennel.

The various parts of the swine are ground and used to produce various products: using the shoulders and the bacon, sausage is produced, which is called sweet or spicy depending on the amount of chili used. The lower part of the swine (thighs and loins) is used for the production of white soppressata, true pride of our company. The capocollo, as well as filetto, is put in salt and then covered with chili powder or pepper. The rolled bacon, the stretched bacon and guanciale are produced by following the same procedure as capocollo. Last but not least delicious, the ‘nduja , which is developed using fatty meat and more doses of pepper, and can be eaten spread on bread or toasts or used to flavor a plate of spaghetti.

Since out products have neither preservatives nor colorants, therefore we can assume to our customers they are good and genuine. This is witnessed by some awards obtained by participating in various national gastronomic competitions:

  • first prize category ‘Nduja at the “Salumi e Formaggi” fair held at palazzo delle fontane in Rome (September 2012);
  • second place as the best white soppressata with no preservatives, in Italy;
  • spicy sausage joined the top ten in the race organized by the Accademia delle 5T in Milan (2006).

Thanks to these awards, starting from this year, our products are also present on the food and wine guide of Gambero Rosso, one of the most famous Italian culinary magazines.


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